Flux pat testing


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What We Offer

Full Visual Inspection 

We carry out a full visual inspection on  all classes of equipment.

Combined Inspection and Testing

Combined Inspection and Testing includes:

Earth Continuity Test 

Insulation Resistance Testing

Functional Checks

Logging Equipment

We log all equipment by giving the item a unique ID number, which will tally up with the PAT Test log book for easy reference

Log Books

We offer a free electronic register of all the electrical appliances at your premises and the results of the tests carried out.


All appliances tested will have a Pass/Fail label attached along with the unique ID log number.

Risk Assessment

We will carry out a risk assesment to equipement to work out how often ‚Äčthe appliance should be PAT Tested. (Not all equipment needs to be tested annually.)


In the case of a failed PAT test we will take an image of the appliance and give an explanation of why it failed

Microwave Leakage Test

Although removed from the 'IET Code of Practice for In-Service and Testing of Electrical Equipment', we still offer microwave leakage test free of charge if requested.

Reminder Service

We will send out timely reminders for your next PAT Test which will be based on the risk assessment carried out.


We will carry out your PAT Testing at a time convenient to you (whether that is weekend, out of hours or Bank Holidays) at no extra cost to minimize the down time on equipment, disruption to your business and customers.

Areas We Cover

We cover Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset. 

If you are outside these areas contact us and we will be pleased to assist you anyway we can. 

Mileage and Travel Time

We do not charge for mileage or travel time.